How to plan your wedding with Pinterest at your side anyplace, anytime


Why I love it – Pinterest and how to:

In a meeting today with a bride to be, she said “I have to take home work on weekends now because of this Pinterest thing you’ve got me doing! I love it! I can’t stop pinning!”

I smiled, satisfied I’ve got her busy dreaming up all kinds of crazy, cute and beautiful ideas for her wedding and happy I’ll have lots of information to work with when I get round to designing her wedding.

I always tell my clients that planning a wedding is a big project.  And the design process is and should be a fun one!

With all the excitement and bride’s busy schedules, one might find all the endless choices to be a bit overwhelming. So many ends to tie, so many ideas, dreams, wishes. As in any process, if there is no system – there is chaos!

Old methods such as a wedding planning book, writing lists, saving pictures on your work computer, on your home computer and any other media you may have, pasting “post its” with all sorts of ideas to your mental or office wall, and bookmarking sites then desperately try to find “that thing” it was you saw and love but can’t remember where or when, and not being able to get to see it anywhere you are …. any place, any time…  In the end many lose sight of what it is they like and want in the the overflow of information.

What you need (what we all need) is a good, user-friendly system – a one stop shop where you can pin and tack all your random thoughts and whims – is a useful, easy to manage tool like Pinterest and we, the professionals will take it up from there.

Become a dreamer!


I truly believe in this after attending a lecture once in which the speaker explained how he has a “wishing wall” in his office where he sticks all kinds of photos of places he wishes to go, places he wishes to be, and more. I think if you name your dreams, set them as goals to achieve, with the right amount of effort there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to achieve them. At any rate, you can always enjoy the journey.

It seems to me as if Pinterest could quite possibly be one of the greatest organization tools one can find and a real social media phenomenon. With a huge amount of users (traffic statistics talk of numbers such as over 11M and growing rapidly), you can find an endless stream of ideas and inspirations. Information that you could easily keep and organize, by pinning them to your boards and sharing them with your friends or service providers. An ongoing wish list/ to do list.


Pinterest allows you to “pin” any photo you see on the web and capture those beautiful ideas and inspirations, and pin on to your own visual pin board. Visiting your board, whether while taking a mental break at work, and revisiting on any other computer in some other place and time, you can simply click on the photo and it will open up the website where you saw the idea initially. Its fun, easy and it helps to store your ideas, with online reference,  in an organized and convenient manner.

More about pintrest and how to use it

How to plan your wedding with Pinterest?

As I mentioned, Pinterest is a great tool to gain visual inspiration when planning your wedding. It is also a useful tool to organize your wedding ideas into categories so that you don’t have to sort through all those pins of yours in order to find the picture of a bridal dress you love, a flower composition, a color pallette, a wedding favor – all these and many more.

There are two ways that you can use Pinterest while planning your wedding.  The first is to find inspiration for your wedding theme and decor.  As Pinterest focuses on visuals, and has a friendly interface, you will be able to quickly browse a large selection of photos and ‘repin’ the ones you like to your own boards.  This helps you “get into it” and begin to discover what it is you really like.

I encourage brides to start doing this right from the beginning especially if they feel so overwhelmed by all those ideas out there. Once you start pinning, a pattern tends to emerge.

via ++


What’s left for you to do is to focus on the inspirations to help discover your chosen color scheme, theme, and style etc… And I, as a designer will know how to focus on the particular details that begin to form a certain pattern and distinct taste. That’s where the second best way to use Pinterest comes in: to engage the service providers in your wedding with your moodboard.  By keeping track of inspirations, ideas, and fantasies, you allow others to get a glance into the vision of your dream wedding.  By this you allow them to take part in a dynamic involved creative process. One that may evolve and then eventually will lead you to the well defined idea of how your wedding is going to look like.

Here are the 6 quick steps to get started with Pinterest:

  1. Sign up for Pinterest. Receive e- mail confirmation.
  2. Once confirmed, install the “pin it” button (instructions will come within confirmation mail)
  3. Browse and Find photos you like and if you particularly like certain users, you can follow them. Browse the pin board collections of the users you have followed.
  4. While doing so, you can go on, and repin things you like & create your own pin boards.  This way you can keep track of everything that appeals to you in an organized manner.  For example, create one pin board for center pieces, invitations, shoes, wedding dresses etc.
  5. Get feedbacks from those you like to hear their comment. And show this to your hairstylist, wedding planner, designer, makeup artist and even our groom if you wish too!
  6. Have fun.  Its all about sharing lovely ideas and inspiration. Pinterest is a fun, social media through which you can communicate with others.

We have a Pinterest – your invited!


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