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One of the perks of this business, is that you get to decorate parties! I know that sounds obvious, but actually “letting your hair down” and having fun is not that obvious.
I recently got the opportunity to do just that.

Below are some images from a Bar Mitzvah party that I decorated.
The design theme was “Pop Art” with a little twist on the commercial icon ‘McDonalds’.

Mcmatan - pop art Bar-Mitzva party9

Mcmatan - pop art Bar-Mitzva party11

Mcmatan - pop art Bar-Mitzva party 10

A logo featuring the boy’s name with a twist was created by my team and used in the childrens’ area. We labelled all the junk food they ate (burgers and fries) with the stickers, we hung signs above their food stations featuring the same logo and of course, for each child’s individual place setting – an individual hamburger gummy sweet, with the logo sticker pasted on.

Mcmatan - pop art Bar-Mitzva party4

The children’s table featured a wonderfully colorful striped runner decorated with a myriad of sweets and bright colored gerbera flowers.

Mcmatan - pop art Bar-Mitzva party8

Mcmatan - pop art Bar-Mitzva party6

The casual ambience played a central role in the rest of the decor. Two open kitchens were erected out of staging units. In order to add color and cohesion to the design, we ‘skirted’ the kitchens in navy and white fabric and installed pot racks which we decorated with garlic, chilli and greens.

Mcmatan - pop art Bar-Mitzva party12

The adult centerpieces featured bright colored combinations of tulips, roses and cyclamens in clear glass vases arranged on jeans fabric runners, and bright colored gerberas seemingly growing out of wheat grass, as well as gerberas wrapped in colorful wool.

Mcmatan - pop art Bar-Mitzva party2

Mcmatan - pop art Bar-Mitzva party14

Mcmatan - pop art Bar-Mitzva party13

Fun, bright colors, youthful design = fun event.

For another bright colorful bar mitzvah themed event visit our site

Special thanks to Efrat Tsur of Icon Event Production, for her fun attitude and cool productions!

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  1. Lizi says:

    Hi darling ! I saw ur stuff at pin ! How beautiful! Col hacavod!!lizi

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