Vintage Chic Wedding in the Upper Galilee – The Photo Booth

Shira and Assaf’s wedding was fun to create and fun to attend. The magic of the Galilee put a spell on all of us; I guess fresh air, and a nice view of green fields can give you a good high.

After you had a taste of the design, we wanted to share with you the fun DIY Photo Booth we created together with the bride and a few bits and pieces from the hotel. It was made to complete the joyous occasion and provide the groom and bride with a unique collection of memories and a many future “good laughs” in the future.

A vintage sofa, accompanied with a small wooden table was set in the corner of the reception area.  A touch of styling, created by a collection of props we used such as a birdcage, a wooden box, A Venitian mask, lamp and books. An additional touch was made by hanging a “Photo- booth” sign, and a white mosquito net -for as a backdrop. All that was completed with “interactive props” – a collection of items you can wear or use – in order to obtain fun and funny pictures. And not to forget (!) the disposal cameras for the guest – free of use.

Props that take will bring your DIY Photo Booth to the “next level”:

A Chalk board, some feather boas, hats, sunglasses, a sombrero, a rubber ducks, water pistols, fake mustaches, a viking helmet, a Hawaiian flower garland, some mustaches…etc…

Photo booth DIY fun picture 4

Photo booth DIY fun picture2

Photo booth DIY fun picture 3

photo booth fun design

Photo booth DIY fun picture 1

Photography: Noa Green

I Like it!



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