DIY wedding (Done By Us and a little help from the bride and friends)

Vintage wedding decor

Last winter I got a call from a bride who lives up in the North of Israel. She said she was planning on getting married in the backyard of a boutique hotel and was looking for a “partner” to help her create and define a stylized collection of simple yet elegant elements for her wedding day decor.

wedding vintage chic design

In terms of a Chuppah, she wanted something “traditional and simple”.

A traditional Masorti chuppah

For flowers, she preferred the “hand-picked” wild style over more “sophisticated floral arrangements”. In terms of other design elements, she wanted “the personal touch” – a collection of things that express the personalities of her and her future husband to be. She was willing to help in any way; and get her friends in on it to!

Struck by an overwhelming sense of sentiment and hope, I called upon my very talented colleague Efrat Kuller Melamed and together we decided to have some fun! We joined up forces with the bride, and ‘dreamt’ up a perfect “backyard” garden wedding with a spoonful of vintage and a pinch of DIY we created a Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious wedding! all photoes were taken by Shira’s talanted Sister – Noa green.

Guests were greeted in the entrance by an elegant arrangement of flowers, vintage props and candy apples that served as place cards.

wedding vintage chic design - candy apple

wedding vintage chic design- place card sugar apple

Guests were invited to sign a “guestbook” in the form of old postcards from different places around the world and view a collection of sentimental photos of the bride and groom from their separate childhoods until their shared lives today. The photos we hung between the grapevine.

wedding vintage chic design

wedding vintage chic design

Vintage wedding chic design

vintage chic design- picures hanged

Perhaps the funnest part of the wedding decor was this “DIY’” photobooth we put together for the guests to enjoy. We set up some old bits and pieces of furniture collected from around the hotel’s rooms, along with some props and odds and ends collected by bride and friends. A bowl of Instamatic cameras was placed with the intention that guests would take self portraits and feel free to pose and have some fun. This was truly a hit!

Vintage wedding  chic

Vintage wedding chic design

vintage chic design - books center piece

vintage chic design


vintage chic design books

vintage chic design - books center piece

wedding vintage chic design


wedding vintage chic design

Photography: Noa Green

Location: Amirey-Hagalil


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