Creative Place Card Tables – Inspirational escort card replacements and displays

Its all in the details…

More and more I find that its the small details that bring ‘soul’ and a personal touch to each and every wedding design. Whether its a specific style, a distinct color palette, a favorite flower or unique location, its the details that make the design complete.

What better way than to start from the beginning? In my designs, I always try to incorporate something that expresses the couple or the design theme with some kind of creative twist on the typical seating card.

In this post, I’ve collected just a few of the place card table displays and creative escort cards I’ve incorporated in my designs – sometimes something tasty and refreshing such as a cupcake, a bag of meringues, a bottle of olive oil or a token capiz shell – which double as little gifts for the guests. Other times, the place cards will be more in line with the design theme and based on the display rather than the actual escort card replacement.



bollywood-chic-place-card-table design



clorful-indian-place card-table



romantic-vintage-lace place card table





seashell-place-card-table design


So… what will it be for you?

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