Lavender and Olive- behind the scenes

As the 2011 spring-summer season begins, I feel I need to sum up 2010 – which ended with a gem of a wedding @ the Mamila hotel in Jerusalem! (A couple of months back I wrote a post about the very cool place cards/ wedding giveaways we created for this wedding – the olive oil bottles ) – with a few words about the ‘behind the scenes’ fun we have while preparing an event.

Lavender & Olive - wedding design

The design process of every wedding is very exciting to me from the beginning when I first meet the couple and get an idea of what it is they are dreaming of, and then begin to think about how it is I am going to bring it all together.

Lavender & Olive - wedding design

The search for the right ingredients culminates, as the best part when it all falls into place – on the day. That’s when my super duper staff pulls up their sleeves, to create my vision, the client’s dream, with their very talented hands and a smile on their face.

Lavender & Olive - wedding design

This super sweet couple, that traveled to Israel from Texas and Japan, the beautiful venue with its stunning ethnic eclectic design and the best of ‘Eretz Israel’ views, a flea market collection of rust iron pots, pans, scales and containers, olive trees and sprigs of dried lavender where combined with winter flowers such as purple tulips, Hyacinthus  and succulents to create the desired elegant yet authentic ambiance.

For more on this wedding, visit my website to view the design pics of the Lavender & Olive wedding gallery.

Lavender & Olive - wedding design

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