Handmade designed jewelry – yellowgoat

I always had a great liking for those who follow their (he)art, stay true to an inner burning flame and pursuit it with passion and goal-oriented determination. This is what Petula AKA Yellowgoat is doing. Born in China and raised in Hong Kong, beginning as an animator, moved on to work in ad agency and then to producing TV ads. At a certain stage she felt that ” doing TV ads kind of collides with my world view, and after some thoughts and support from family, I ventured to do what I like, what I find inspiring, what makes me happy, and hopefully make others happy too.”

So now she is a happy jewelry designer who creates whimsy, beautiful, useful and pretty jewelry and objects. Check out this sweet secret message cake ring and the great match box necklace. Wouldn’t they make a great proposal starter?



Wedding jewelry-  yellowgoat


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