Fairies have parties too!

A couple of weeks ago (Halloween weekend actually) an old colleague, friend, and current collaborator of mine Efrat Kuller – Melamed (ck out her amazing blog- yelaDisco), partnered up to create a magical ‘Forest Fairy Garden Party’ for my well-deserved 7 year old niece Yahli.



In preparation, Efrat and I started with a shopping spree! We bought lots of fairies in all shapes and sizes, props for the arts and crafts activities which Efrat guided the girls through, and fun, colorful bits and pieces like the bright colored tea pots and plastic mushrooms we just knew would come in handy! Ribbons in a multitude of colors, textures and patterns, Japanese lanterns and of course flowers(!) hanging from the trees created a Boho Chic Style ‘Forest Fairy Garden Party’. A visit to my warehouse to gather the complimentary bits and necessary tools, and off we went!


An installation that began on Friday afternoon and ended on Saturday morning, was constantly ‘start and stop’ because of the rain. In the end, LUCK (or perhaps fairy magic), was on our side and just as the party began, the rain showers stopped!


My favorite part was the cool ‘Photo-booth’ we created by hanging ribbons, dried flowers and small Japanese lanterns in between 2 existing poles in my sister’s garden. As the girls arrived, we sent them to the photo-booth to have their pictures taken.

‘Fun photo-booth ideas’ are something I often suggest for weddings and parties and have yet to find the cool couple who ‘get it’. Luckily, the 7 year old fairies had a blast with this!

forest-fairy-party-birthday-jar- activity

Efrat led the girls through an adventurous journey, beginning with the distribution of magic wands and the sprinkling of magic fairy dust to give the girls the power and courage to pursue the treasure hunt trail. No ‘competition’, no harsh ‘system of progressive elimination’ in this version of ‘Fairy Survivor’ – just pure fun! Amazing arts and crafts ‘missions’ kept the girls busy and elated. Their creations became party giveaways which the girls took home with a sugar rush grin from the sweets table and amazing Red Velvet cake and pink icing star shaped cookies my sister baked!





For more photos of my events please visit my website

For Efrat’s take on our joint effort please visit her blog

That’s it folks!

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